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Clip and Zip It Up

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The Clip and Zip Waist Cincher

Waist trainers have been the craze lately for those trying to achieve the hourglass figure. Even for those who are not trying to have the measurements of Kim Kardashian or J.Lo, you can still whip your waist into shape with Cincher Strap's Clip and Zip waist trainers.

Versatility and Double Coverage

The Clip and Zip trainer is among the customer's favorites because of its versatility. The trainer is double-layered. It is fastened by hooks and then zipped up. As you can imagine, it provides extra cinching with these two closures combined. Unlike other trainers with just the hooks, Clip and Zip allows you to not have irregular gapping. You will not have bulges playing peek-a-boo.


The Clip and Zip is multi-functional. You can wear it just about anywhere. Wearing it while working out, is a very popular choices because as your body heats up from the motion, calories in your waist burn. It's like adding on an extra layer to increase caloric burn. As a disclaimer, it is not recommended for you to wear it for a long, extended time frame due to crushing of internal organs. You can also wear it while doing any other activity you choose. Also, since it is not bulky, like most waist trainers are, you can wear it to accentuate your curves under dresses or other attire.


The Clip and Zip is highly recommendable and affordable. Having curves nowadays is in and this is a safe way to do it without having to go up under the knife. Again, this sets the bar within the cincher or waist training world. You get double compression, and you get to flaunt an hourglass figure. Who doesn't want that? Read more waist trainer reviews at Cincherstrap.com.